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Running of the Bulls - Gingerman Raceway, June 2005

Running of the Bulls Taurus Group

WHAT A GREAT EVENT! This meet was a national meet for the Taurus Car Club of America and was a lot of fun. Not only I met some really cool people at Gingerman Raceway, but I had a change to go on a road course for the first time. This meet gave me a chance to actually meet people that I talk to on the forums, what was cool.

The Sable did very well at the meet. You can see the video of my 3 wheelin the course HERE. I kept control of the car and handled the track very nicely. I must admit that I was not going very fast at first, since I didn't know what to expect. Toward the end of the day, I was 100% comfortable and did pretty good.

A track like this is not for everyone. I had an awesome time, but it was pretty hard on the cars under those extreme conditions. The track was VERY hot and some were having problems. If you ever try this, make sure that all of your fluids are good and have good brakes. Be ready for your tires to take a beating, especially the sidewalls.

Will I do this again? Maybe. I prefer the drag strip since it gives you times and is a little easier on the car. I am willing to bet that I do come again, at least to watch.













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