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Update for 2/11/2005

Ford Taurus Mercury Sable Speedometer SHO 150MPH

Its been a long winter in Michigan but some mods are starting to happen. The latest one is a SHO speedometer head swap that not only functions great but looks cool as well. The install went without major problems. We did find out that the SHO cluster doesn't work on NON-SHO models. So we had to take the cluster apart and swap in the heads. After putting the interior back together, it all worked great!

A few weeks ago I took the car into the dealer to get some odds and ends serviced before the warranty expired. They fixed a lot of stuff but still cost me a lot. With all the work last year and so far this year, the Sable will be ready for some drag racing and whatever else I decide to do.

Update for 4/27/2005

The weather hasn't been really decent yet but I have still had a few days where I can clean out the car to get it ready for the season. I am attending TCCA's Running Of The Bulls 2k5 so my modding has already started. I have a lot of things in the works already includingnew brakes with cross drilled and slotted rotors and a 1990 Taurus SHO 26" rear sway bar.

The brake rotors are so warped that I feel the vibration every time I brake. I wanted to try these fancy rotors just to see if they are worth it. I am also hoping that the rotors won't warp so bad since the drilling is supposed to keep it cool. I guess I will find out if these are worth it very soon. I was giving some serious thought in swapping in the GEN3 Taurus SHO brakes, but I decided I wanted to continue to run the 15" wheels in the winter months.

The 26" rear sway bar was a surprise for me. I found out that someone was parting their 1990 SHO so I saw the perfect opportunity to pick up this sway bar. Since this stuff isn't available all the time, I jumped on it right away. Some friends of mine think this will make the Sable ride like a truck, but I like a firm ride.

After my stock speakers finally gave up, I found a good deal on some new ones. They are Pioneer 3 Way TS-A6870R for the front doors and POWER ACOUSTIK SPX-573 for the rears. The Pioneers blow away the Power Acoustik for volume and bass response, but it all sounds better then the stockies I replaced them with.

speakers Ford Taurus Mercury Sable 6x8



6x8 speakers Ford Taurus Mercury Sable



Ford Taurus Mercury Sable Speakers




Update for 5/9/2005

Today we had a great time at Lapeer Dragway. You can check out the meet by Clicking Here.

After coming home, we installed the 26mm rear swaybar from a 1991 Taurus SHO. It has made an improvement in handling and gives the car a more firm ride. I left the original front sway bar on the car. I heard that the larger bar in the front could cause excessive over steer. I plan on getting some sub frame connectorsso that should be about it for suspension mods (unless someone wants to sell me their strut brace cheap).

Update for 7/27/2005

Ford Taurus Mercury Sable Brake Dust Stock Cross Drilled

People know that you had a good time when you come home with 2" of brake dusts on your front rims. Running Of The Bulls was an awesome time. Be sure to check out the link.

Speaking of brakes, I had my cross drilled rotors and new pads/shoes installed a few weeks before the Running of the Bulls event. Needless to say, I was impressed with them. Brake fade was reduced on the track and they have a good feeling to them on the road. Some question the longevity of these rotors, so I will have to watch them closely. They do look nice on the car at least!

A few months ago, I was involved in a small accident. A lady driving a Chrysler Pacifica rear ended me while we were waiting at a light. I got fixed up pretty good so it wasn't a big deal to me. I had the garage fill in the emblem holes so now all I have left is the GS-R emblem.

Next order of business is to ditch the 26mm sway bar I had installed this spring. The reason is that the over steer is nice for track days but for normal driving its not too good. I installed the 15" winter tires for a day and was shocked by how stiff the rear end was, so I decided to take it out. I did learn a lot about sway bars in the process so not all is lost.

Along with the sway bar, I am replacing my plugs with Split Fire Triple Platinum plugs. In other cars, we used the standard Split Fires but never these fancy platinum plugs. Along with the plugs, I am putting on a set of Motorcraft wires.

Ford Taurus Mercury Sable Accident



Ford Taurus Mercury Sable Accident



Ford Taurus Mercury Sable Accident



Ford Taurus Mercury Sable Rotor



Ford Taurus Mercury Sable Shaved Emblems




Update for 11/11/2005

Ford Taurus Mercury Sable Lights HID Bright Blue

Its been awhile since I had an update, has taken a lot of time away from this site.I have been busy this summer fixing the car up. Early fall, I noticed that the Sable was having some problems with the chip. Apparently, thecar would go into limp mode, therefore cutting off most every system in the car and making me stranded. At first we thought it was the fuel pumpor the TPR sensor but it was indeed the chip.

I got a new XCalibrator flasher from and everything seems to work great! I would have given American Motorsporta chance, but I wanted to try something new. This box has 3 programs (91+ Performance, 87 Performance and 87 Econo) and also allows me to go back to stockprogramming. This is a nice way to go, no chips to worry about and I can flash the computer at will. This will help when I have to take the car in for service, sinceI am sure thats the first thing they will point to when there are problems.

I also got a OBDII reader to help troubleshoot my problems. It wasn't really much of a help for this but it is nice to have. It does manufacture and generic codes, which makes the box very handy.

The last thing I picked up was new headlights and a harness from SUV This harness plugs into the 9007light sockets and provides a better power source for the lights. It consists of a couple of relays and some fuses and heavier wire. The headlightscame from an ebay seller in Asia. They seem very bright and give off a similar light to the HIDs. I am very happy how those turned out.

The winter rollers are back on the car and I hope this is the last year for these tires. They don't hold a candle to my summer tires. I may end up gettinga second Taurus or swapping with my In-Laws tires once they get rid of theirs. Its going to be a cold, long winter! I am already looking forward to spring!



Ford Taurus Mercury Sable OBII Reader



Ford Taurus Mercury Sable SCT XCAL1




Update for 03/22/2006

Ford Taurus Mercury Sable snow driving salt

Winter has been long in Michigan with not much going on. I managed to stay out of trouble, no accidents or anything. I was running the "Economy" program during the fall and winter months. My buddy calls it "The Econo-slug program", referring to how slow it is in this mode. Its ok though, I managed.

Rumor has it that the in-laws are going to be buying a new car. This is good news since they will sell me their old one, a 1999 Taurus SE. Pictures like this one will never happen again! There is no way I am going to get rid of the Sable when I get this car. With all of the money invested, I don't see this helping us all that much. The car is paid for and has over $2500 + in just replacement parts!

In other news, we added a 23mm sway bar, which is a much better combo then when I had the 26mm installed. It is about perfect as it gets for these cars. I also have an Anonda Front Strut Brace coming, which will also help with the suspension setup. It is a custom made bar, so I have been waiting on it for awhile. I can't wait to give it a try! The last thing I added recently was a K&N panel filter.

Update for 12/25/06

Ford Taurus Mercury Sable Front Strut Brace FSTB custom

It has been a long time since the last update. I have moved and got a new job all in the same year, so there really hasn't been a lot of time to have fun with the Sable. I still took her out on the nicer days and attended some meets. I hope that 2007 will allow me more time to show the car and hang out with everyone at Taurus Club of America. I hope to make it to V8 SHO National Convention in Kalamazoo Michigan, July 16-19, 2007. I will be there for the drag racing at least.

As far as new parts for the Sable, I finally got my FSTB from Bob Gervais. It was very well made and it fit like a glove! I haven't taken it out yet, since its winter and I don't drive it outside this time of year. During the summer months, I installed an 100% new Allied Signal alternator. It was supposed to go into the Taurus but decided to put it in the Sable instead.

For the New Year, I am planning on getting her detailed. Ten years of being a daily driver has been murder on the paint. She shows ok now, but there is room for improvement. I am also doing a HID conversion and a 11.6" brake upgrade. I already have the brackets, all thats left is the rotors and pads. My cross drilled setup wasn't the greatest, so off it goes!

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