2002 Ford Ranger XLT Shurtrax Traction Assist Installation

SHURTRAX Traction assist Snow Rain Ranger 2002 2001 1999 Small Truck


Shurtrax is a device that allows you to gain traction in your 2WD truck without the use of sand bags and concreate blocks. I decide to go this route based on suggestions from some of the users at Ranger-Forums.com. I didn't want to use sand bags, which could make a mess if they were to ever open up and I didn't think concrete blocks would stay in place. This system is clean and easy to setup. When my Dad and I installed this, we were happy to see how straight forward this is to get going. The model that Ford Ranger owners should buy is ST-LW0048, which is their compact pickup version.

Shurtrax traction 2WD Ford Ranger Pickup

Taking the device out of its bag is easy. We were surprised that there was no written instructions but it didn't take long to figure out what to do. The bag sit between the wheel wells to provide the most benefit. They did say that you need to tie this down. Even through this shouldn't move a lot, it may shift. The only way to move this is when its empty.

Shurtrax traction 2WD Ford Ranger truck install tie down

Tieing the bag down was easy. We used rope but I have heard of people using bungi cords. We used a rope long enough to go through all the holes while tieing it down on the bed hooks along the way.

Shurtrax traction 2WD Ford Ranger truck fill with water install instructions

This model holds 40 gallons of water, which works out to be approx 300 LBS of extra weight. We allowed for enough room for the water to freeze. The unit will expand as the water freezes.

Shurtrax traction 2WD Ford Ranger truck fill with water install instructions

After filling with water and turning the hose off, you have to work quick to disconnect the hose. After you put the cap back on the unit, you are have finished. I thought that I would hear the water slosh around the unit but I have not heard it so far. It seems that they did a good job containing the water within its pockets. You do feel a little difference in the rear end driving around town, but it isn't anything that is noticeable after driving it awhile.

The handling in the snow is fantastic! It freezes to ice after a two days of below freezing weather.

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LW-0048 fits all compact pickups and SUVs (Ford Ranger, Chevy S-10, GMC Sonoma, GMC Canyon, Chevy Colorado)

LW-0056 fits all full size puckups and SUVs (Ford F-150, Chevy Silverado, Dodge RAM, Dodge Dakota)

LW-0036 fits all cars (Any rear wheel drive car)

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