Aeroforce Interceptor scanguage scan gauge steering wheel pod Ford Thunderbird V8 Interior OBD-II OBD2 1995 1996 1997


Welcome to Page 3! The first modification for 2013 is a Aeroforce steering wheel OBD-II gauge. It works great with the 1995 Ford Thunderbird V8 because it's the earliest car an OBD-II computer. The V8 cars came with the computer, the V6 models were still the old standard.

Install was a snap with the Autometer gauge pod (1994-02 Mustang; part # 10004). The pod fits the T-Bird steering column very tight without extra hardware required. It looks awesome in the Thunderbird interior!

The guage itself has many useful measurements including RPM, Intake air temperature, engine/transmission coolant temperature, battery voltage, O2 sensor volts and transmission temperature. I got it for the coolant temperature because I have had trouble with overheating in the past. Having this gauge handy will help me keep an eye on major systems all the time.

Griffin Big Aluminum Radiator Ford Thunderbird 4.6 Cooling All Giant


The old original radiator was not doing the job anymore, so I found the best replacement possible. This Griffin radiator is all aluminum, so the the whole unit can dissipate the heat. It holds over 50% more coolant than the stock unit and is definitely overkill for my car. The factory radiator core is only 1.0" thick, the Griffin has a 2.5" thick core, so we are talking about some serious cooling. Since I already had a Hayden 679 transmission cooler installed, I opted for the Griffin 7-295BJ-FXX which lacks the transmission cooler. At the same time, I replaced all of my original radiator hoses with Goodyears and installed a Stant 180 degree thermostat.

This setup has fixed my overheating issues, previously as high as 220 degrees. On decent days, my thermostat doesn't go much over 180 degrees. On warmer days, I clock in a 192 degrees. The Hayden is doing it's job nicely, keeping my transmission temperature at around 180 degrees on most days. From the looks of it, the Hayden is plenty big enough for most mild transmissions.

I wouldn't hesitate to order another Griffin. The radiator is a nicely made piece with quality welds and good construction. It is quite the presence in my engine bay.

Mustang Cobra 2003 2004 steering wheel adapted Ford Thunderbird dyed double leather wrapped


I looked high and low for the impossible to find Mustang FR500 steering wheel, which was sold by Ford Racing for about five years. After looking for three years, I decided to give up and find a 2003-2004 Ford Mustang Cobra wheel. This steering wheel has double wrapped leather, which gives it a thicker/soft touch. This upgrade is a bolt on upgrade for any 1994-1997 Ford Thunderbird and Mercury Cougar.

This steering wheel originally came in charcoal gray, which will match any gray interior nicely. I have a blue interior, so I had to get this wheel dyed in order to get it to match up. I took it to an interior shop and had it professionally done. I would highly suggest swapping the original Thunderbird wheel out with this. It is twice the thickness and is slightly bigger in general. As you can see, the airbag sits in there securely.

Dyno Performance Graphs and 1/4 Mile Time Slip as of 2013

This summer, I have been doing a lot of testing to see how the car is performing. I have been happy with the results so far. These tests helped me be assured that everything is working as expected.

1995 Ford Thunderbird V8 Dyno Graph Smokeys Performance Dyno Horsepower Torque STPTrq STPPWR

This graphic shows a fairly consistant measurement between the two pulls. My engine is fairly stock with only UDPs, intake tube and colder thermostat. The rest is a fairly typical Non-PI early Ford Modular engine.

Dyno Graph Smokeys Performance Dyno 1995 Ford Thunderbird V8 O2 AIR FUEL

The air/fuel is looking good on this graph.

Lapeer Dragway 1/4 Mile Ford Thunderbird 1995 modified 1/4 mile timeslip time V8

I have been consistently getting 15.2 seconds in the 1/4 mile. I was able to confirm it on my last visit. Can I squeeze another .2 off that time?