Black 2011 Ford Fiesta moonroof black 16 inch wheels SES
 Reasons To Buy A Ford Fiesta and Why you should buy one

Ford came out with an American version of its popular Ford Fiesta in the summer of 2010 as a 2011 model. Instantly, people started to take notice of its good looks, fuel economy and fun factor. It is rare to have a small car have so many standard features, optional equipment and the latest technology. Even better, its not going to embarrass you when you arrive to the office. In its upper trim packages, you forget its economy car roots.
Here are some features that set this car apart from the rest in this class:

 After weighing all of the choices, including used cars, I decided to purchase the Fiesta. Gas prices were a driving factor because I believe that gas will not be going down anytime soon due to market conditions and demand. The car is big enough to take my kids places, its safe and is proven itself in Europe before coming to the states. This car is perfect for the commuter, teenagers first car or road course project.
After looking at all the whole package, you will find it hard the Fiesta hard to beat on the new car market. Try loading up a Focus or Fusion with the same options and you will find that the price inflated to the high 20K range.  Go for a test drive at your Ford dealer and see for yourself!

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