Ford Fiesta Armrest Black 2011 Aftermarket Boomerang

After a busy summer of working on my 1995 Ford Thunderbird, we finally got the Boomerang Fiesta armresat . This is a must have for any 2011 or 2012 Fiesta owner. This aftermarket armrest is exactly what Ford forgot to put in the interior. Install takes about a half hour and is pretty easy. The finished product is great and is right at home in any Fiesta interior.
The top of the armrest has a compartment that would be perfect for your car DMV paperwork, insurance papers and lose change. It also has a cup holder that slides out the front in case you need that extra place to put a drink. It also folds up to allow full access to the drink holders under it.

The only downside is, you lose the cup holder for the rear seats. I don't feel sorry for them, they shouldn't be drinking in my car anyway!