Ford Fiesta SES Black tuxedo small wheels 2011 2012

This is my 2011 Ford Fiesta SES Hatchback that was purchased on 2/29/11 from a local Ford Dealership. This replaced my 2002 Ford Ranger XLT truck becuase my needs have changed. I found out that picking up kids in a single cab Ranger isn't the most comfortable for every day. This Fiesta has fantastic fuel economy and is still a fun car to drive daily. I have had other small Ford cars in the past, but this Fiesta hatchback is much more refined and has features that you wouldn't expect. According to the on board computer, I am getting 36 MPG on average in my mixed highway and city driving.

Ford Fiesta 2011 Hatchback Black SES paint tires

I love how the hatchback looks from the rear (or boot as Top Gear UK calls it). This really gives it a "sport compact car" look. They also make a sedan, but I see more hatchbacks on the road. I would imagine that more people were waiting for the European hatches to return to the USA then the sedans. The other reason for the hatchback is the lack of chrome on the grill. I am not a big fan of chrome, so I was glad it left off the coupes

My 2011 Ford Fiesta SES

2011 Ford Fiesta Seats Interior Automatic Black Cloth

People are surprised what features come on the Fiesta, especially the SES Hatchback and SEL Sedans. The SES hatchback comes with standard features including:

Ford Sync Stereo 80 Watt Sirius

A button lovers paradise, the Microsoft Sync system will take months to figure out! The direction finder, USB key audio stream and the speaker phone are really nice features. Ten years ago, no auto manufacture would bother putting a feature like this in their economy hatchbacks.

The interior and exterior has many high end features including ample leg room for front and rear passengers. The cloth interior is fine for long trips and offer a good amount of support. One of the things I would change is interior color options such as tan or gray.